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We have a strong reputation for providing high quality market research and monitoring and evaluation services that span collection, collation, analysis and reporting. Through strong communication we can deliver your brief quickly and efficiently, while keeping data quality an integral component throughout.



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Our long tenure in the industry means we are well-equipped to offer a range of services across any given research project. Our core strengths lie in survey instrument design, monitoring and evaluation, data management and data visualization services.


Monitoring and

With CAPI, pen and paper (PAPI) and online surveys at our core, we have established our own field agency network, and are operationally agile in supporting any project. SwissPeaks have hands-on experience in managing fieldwork operations in sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on the East African countries.


SwissPeaks are driven by innovation, quality and reliability. We facilitate quick and effective transfer of data and information via industry recognised deliverables. Providing quality data at all stages of a project is important to us and doing so in a transparent and open way is necessary to project credibility.


Digital dynamic data visualization exists to make your decision-making process as quick and informed as possible. SwissPeaks can then assist in helping you to gain insightful business intelligence via our data visualization products. We create bespoke data visualization interfaces that are secure, user-friendly and excellent for data retrieval and reporting.


SwissPeaks East Africa


Having specialized for many years in quality control of global survey data, we are aware of the challenges and issues surrounding international market research projects. To address this, we have created a local SwissPeaks division in Nairobi, introducing better-trained field staff, heightened project time efficiency and quicker throughput.




Translating languages in CAPI – Lost In Logistical Translation? Translating languages in CAPI – Lost In Logistical Translation?

17th January 2017

At SwissPeaks we are well accustomed to dealing with complex surveys, but when we are dealing with surveys that also require translations why is it that they are so much more complicated than they should be?

Is CAPI all that is it made up to be? Is CAPI all that is it made up to be?

19th December 2016

In the world of market research CAPI has been made out to be an easy-to-use tool for achieving quality data...