SwissPeaks are committed to delivering 100% data confidence when you need it most. We're proud of our history, the work we do, and the clients we've worked with. See what they have to say about us:


BBC World Service

“The BBC Audience Insights team work closely with SwissPeaks, who help ensure quality in data collection and data processing, in markets which are challenging to conduct audience research.  The SwissPeaks team are collaborative, innovative and provide excellent customer service and support. They have helped us develop a global database of key measures from surveys conducted across the world over the last 10 years and an interactive dashboard for internal clients which is a fantastic resource in drawing together big-picture insights and trends”

Kathryn Pollock

"With SwissPeaks support we were able to modernise the way we report findings for an established clients’ monthly tracker project. We no longer rely on sending PowerPoint reports, we now upload the data to the SwissPeaks portal and then they in turn work their magic and upload the data into the bespoke dashboard they’ve built for us. Now the client just logs in and views their project findings through the dashboard system. Great time saver and the client very much likes as they now have 5 years’ data at their fingertips at all times, and within one place. The dashboard system they built is intuitive and clean; the client needed very little time to become comfortable using too, which was a bonus"

Anya Ensmann
Savelsberg Research

“I have been working with SwissPeaks for over 5 years and SwissPeaks have always shown to be highly pro-active, flexible and knowledgeable in design of global online surveys and providing me with great output at speed that I can then take for further analysis/reporting”

Henrique Savelsberg