Monitoring and Evaluation

“With CAPI, pen and paper (PAPI) and online surveys at our core, we have established our own field agency network, and are operationally agile in supporting any project. SwissPeaks have hands-on experience in managing fieldwork operations in sub-Saharan Africa, with a particular focus on the East African countries.”


The monitoring and evaluation services we offer include:

Questionnaire design and creation

Questionnaire scripting

Briefing and training of field agencies

Data capture, hosting and storage



Efficient Management

Our hands-on approach in dealing with field agencies directly means we can establish project requirements and manage issues without third-party intervention. The benefit to you is that we can deliver a more streamlined and efficient operation that is also cost-effective without compromising on quality.

We have collaborated with field agencies in over 100 countries worldwide, advising and educating on the latest initiatives and developments in data capture, analyses and management. Our service experience spans across all market research platforms including CATI, CAPI, pen and paper, online and panel, leading to our involvement at different levels in many diverse projects.