Data Management

“SwissPeaks are driven by innovation, quality and reliability. We facilitate quick and effective transfer of data and information via industry recognised deliverables. Providing quality data at all stages of a project is important to us and doing so in a transparent and open way is necessary to project credibility.”


The data management services we offer include:

Stringent data quality checking at all stages

Data cleaning, editing and processing

Tabular and charting analyses

Exhaustive filter logic checks

Weighting distribution support

GPS heat map analysis

Response cluster analysis

Feature-rich data collection interfaces

Data transferability that facilitates collective data and metadata migration

Data analysis interfaces that are data processing and user-friendly



100% Data Confidence

SwissPeaks are continually striving to improve the quality of project data through drawing on our experience in the field and by implementing the technological advances in data validation that we have achieved.

We advise on best practice data gathering and data management in addition to remodelling the quality control phase into a front-end concern, ensuring that credibility is centralised throughout the whole process.