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SwissPeaks Rules for Developing Data Viz DashboardsSwissPeaks Rules for Developing Data Viz Dashboards

30th January 2017

The user experience of a dashboard depends on its user base, the amount of data being utilised and more significantly, the data types or data structures employed. SwissPeaks have created a set of benchmarks and rules that allow data quantity and various data types to be easily and quickly uploaded to our data visualisation platforms.

The Bar Pick-up: Not Your Typical Business MeetingThe Bar Pick-up: Not Your Typical Business Meeting

29th April 2016

Introducing Marco Wimmer. With an original background in Physics and self-proclaimed data-science nerd, Marco specialises in providing data visualisation and data processing services for a range of high flying pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland.

Data Viz: Trendy and What Else?Data Viz: Trendy and What Else?

2nd March 2016

The fun part about working at SwissPeaks is that due to being recognised as creative and innovative in our data solutions, we do find our portfolio of capabilities is growing year on year. The hot topic we’re focusing on and grown to be experts in over time is data visualisation - or data viz for the trendier people.



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