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Myth Busters: Does Using CAPI Guarantee Credible Data?Myth Busters: Does Using CAPI Guarantee Credible Data?

4th July 2016

The introduction of CAPI into the market research marketplace has definitely allowed many companies to talk more about their data quality. The problem we find, however, is how interchangeable the two terms have become.

Innovation vs Data QualityInnovation vs Data Quality

15th June 2016

Innovation and research ability are two key components to delivering a successful project. Established market research companies of the calibre of GfK, Ipsos, TNS and Nielsen realize the value of investing in technology to improve the project’s field and data experience.  Such companies have invested heavily in software with powerhouse applications like Confirmit, Dimensions, Snap and Techneos. The right technology, however, is only one half of the recipe for success.

The Importance of Data QualityThe Importance of Data Quality

16th March 2016

As computer packages become more sophisticated, so do the humans who use them to present data. The data buzzword now is not presentation, but visualization – one look at the hashtag #dataviz will show you how many people are demonstrating new and visual ways to show off their data, with many more specialist computer packages to help them.

Your Go-To Full Service Market Research CompanyYour Go-To Full Service Market Research Company

14th February 2016

Data is our thing – it always has been! We have worked with a number of research agencies, field agencies and end-clients alike in order to get “clients” to a point where their data is accurate, credible and usable. Our philosophy is “100% data confidence when you really need it” and we strongly believe all projects must have a confident data foundation.



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