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The rise of Virtual networking: The importance of LinkedIn to SwissPeaksThe rise of Virtual networking: The importance of LinkedIn to SwissPeaks

24th October 2016

Like many other businesses and individuals, we make use of the social media platform LinkedIn. A business orientated website that has been around before the days of Facebook. It is an environment for working professionals that appeals to those looking to gain new clients, expand their business networks or possibly employment.

5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media5 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media

3rd October 2016

As market researchers, we love making use of social media in order to stay up to date with industry news, grow our brand online and share tips and tricks with other market research lovers like ourselves. What can using social media do for your business?

Contemporary data processing - a lack of data management training?Contemporary data processing - a lack of data management training?

19th September 2016

At the most basic level, it is the data processing team’s responsibility to make sure the data captured or entered is correct. This means ensuring that the aggregated frequencies for each question adhere to the questionnaire content and skip logic.

The C WordThe C Word

12th September 2016

The C word that is hot on everyone’s lips? Content of course. With inbound marketing, content is everything.

From Keele University to SwissPeaksFrom Keele University to SwissPeaks

15th August 2016

University is the time for aspiring students to reach out and discover the unknown. An opportunity to open up and discover new means of thinking and to explore new perspectives. 

The Fool-Proof Guide: How to Use Google AnalyticsThe Fool-Proof Guide: How to Use Google Analytics

24th May 2016

When first starting out with your website – be it an online venture or a personal blog – it is easy to tell yourself “don’t worry about the numbers, focus on the content and the numbers will grow.” And you’re right, content is important. But what kind of market researchers would we be if we told you to ignore the numbers? Terrible ones, that’s what.

Part III: The Dream of SwissPeaksPart III: The Dream of SwissPeaks

17th May 2016

It seems apt that this final part of the SwissPeaks trilogy is being written in Lucerne, the place where it all started. I haven’t been here in over 9 months but now, sitting in the KKL World Café looking out across the lake at the buildings of the Old Town, I ponder over what the bigger picture for SwissPeaks is.

Part I: The Birth of SwissPeaksPart I: The Birth of SwissPeaks

3rd May 2016

“So why SwissPeaks?” – the ultimate ice-breaker with prospective clients and a great conversation starter.  I have told this story a few times and each time I tell it, I feel a sense of nostalgia taking over, reminiscing the Swiss mountains where the idea was first conceived.

Twitter for Business: Top 10 TipsTwitter for Business: Top 10 Tips

8th April 2016

Twitter is a fantastic tool for promotion, branding and connecting with consumers. As a small/medium business, incorporating Twitter into your marketing strategy definitely has its advantages. I am a digital marketer and a complete Twitter addict, so arguably bias on the topic, however, the figures and success stories speak for themselves!




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