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SwissPeaks Rules for Developing Data Viz DashboardsSwissPeaks Rules for Developing Data Viz Dashboards

30th January 2017

The user experience of a dashboard depends on its user base, the amount of data being utilised and more significantly, the data types or data structures employed. SwissPeaks have created a set of benchmarks and rules that allow data quantity and various data types to be easily and quickly uploaded to our data visualisation platforms.

SwissPeaks goes to Keele University!SwissPeaks goes to Keele University!

13th December 2016

On the 6th of December, following a few weeks of preparation, SwissPeaks went to keele University to give a lecture to the students of the module “Political Research in Practice” within SPIRE (the school of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment).

How Important is Technology in Innovating the Industry?How Important is Technology in Innovating the Industry?

26th September 2016

Data transfer is a vital step in the data management process. From data collection to processing into a data file or a frequency report, forming handshakes between these processes is where technology can really add value.

Contemporary data processing - a lack of data management training?Contemporary data processing - a lack of data management training?

19th September 2016

At the most basic level, it is the data processing team’s responsibility to make sure the data captured or entered is correct. This means ensuring that the aggregated frequencies for each question adhere to the questionnaire content and skip logic.

A Long Term Solution to Perfect Questionnaire DesignA Long Term Solution to Perfect Questionnaire Design

30th August 2016

Last week we discussed a short-term fix to improve your questionnaire design involving the use of MS Word tables. This is in effect a very simplified question database concept. This week we’re going to share with you a more long-term fix.


An Easy Solution for Perfect Questionnaire DesignAn Easy Solution for Perfect Questionnaire Design

22nd August 2016

As you may have gathered from our previous post, the most frustrating part of being in the data processing business is the way in which some research teams develop questionnaires to lack content, layout accuracy and clarity. There are two solutions to this.

From Keele University to SwissPeaksFrom Keele University to SwissPeaks

15th August 2016

University is the time for aspiring students to reach out and discover the unknown. An opportunity to open up and discover new means of thinking and to explore new perspectives. 

Flashback Friday: Our Collaboration with ZappistoreFlashback Friday: Our Collaboration with Zappistore

5th August 2016

Did you know that SwissPeaks have been involved in the developments at Zappistore over the last 4 years? Our invitation to join the Zappistore consortium came about due to our extensive work on market research data and the tendency to build our own toolkits to automate various periodic activities.

The Triple Threat: Data Capture, Entry and VerificationThe Triple Threat: Data Capture, Entry and Verification

1st August 2016

Data capture, data entry and verification has always been an area of concern for SwissPeaks and irrelevant of data collection type, there is a significant amount of manual work that goes into the following:



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