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SwissPeaks goes to Keele University!SwissPeaks goes to Keele University!

13th December 2016

On the 6th of December, following a few weeks of preparation, SwissPeaks went to keele University to give a lecture to the students of the module “Political Research in Practice” within SPIRE (the school of Politics, Philosophy, International Relations and Environment).

The US Presidential Election: The end of Political Polling?The US Presidential Election: The end of Political Polling?

11th November 2016

“The distinction between one kind of poll and another is important, but it is also often exaggerated. Polls drive polls. Good polls drive polls and bad polls drive polls, and when bad polls drive good polls they’re not so good anymore.” - Nate Silver

From Keele University to SwissPeaksFrom Keele University to SwissPeaks

15th August 2016

University is the time for aspiring students to reach out and discover the unknown. An opportunity to open up and discover new means of thinking and to explore new perspectives. 

Flashback Friday: Our Collaboration with ZappistoreFlashback Friday: Our Collaboration with Zappistore

5th August 2016

Did you know that SwissPeaks have been involved in the developments at Zappistore over the last 4 years? Our invitation to join the Zappistore consortium came about due to our extensive work on market research data and the tendency to build our own toolkits to automate various periodic activities.

Part III: The Dream of SwissPeaksPart III: The Dream of SwissPeaks

17th May 2016

It seems apt that this final part of the SwissPeaks trilogy is being written in Lucerne, the place where it all started. I haven’t been here in over 9 months but now, sitting in the KKL World Café looking out across the lake at the buildings of the Old Town, I ponder over what the bigger picture for SwissPeaks is.

Part II: The Work of SwissPeaksPart II: The Work of SwissPeaks

10th May 2016

The work we do here has always had a data-centric core. I have directed countless presentations and training sessions on good practices in data management, and whether via formal events or simply through informal discussions, I always drive home the fact that the data management process starts when the questionnaire is being written.

Part I: The Birth of SwissPeaksPart I: The Birth of SwissPeaks

3rd May 2016

“So why SwissPeaks?” – the ultimate ice-breaker with prospective clients and a great conversation starter.  I have told this story a few times and each time I tell it, I feel a sense of nostalgia taking over, reminiscing the Swiss mountains where the idea was first conceived.

Your Go-To Full Service Market Research CompanyYour Go-To Full Service Market Research Company

14th February 2016

Data is our thing – it always has been! We have worked with a number of research agencies, field agencies and end-clients alike in order to get “clients” to a point where their data is accurate, credible and usable. Our philosophy is “100% data confidence when you really need it” and we strongly believe all projects must have a confident data foundation.

My Journey to SwissPeaksMy Journey to SwissPeaks

27th January 2016

There has recently been more and more encouragement for young people to take advantage of China’s rapid economic ascent, enabling an invaluable hands-on experience with one of the international leaders in business and innovation.



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