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The US Presidential Election: The end of Political Polling?The US Presidential Election: The end of Political Polling?

11th November 2016

“The distinction between one kind of poll and another is important, but it is also often exaggerated. Polls drive polls. Good polls drive polls and bad polls drive polls, and when bad polls drive good polls they’re not so good anymore.” - Nate Silver

How Important is Technology in Innovating the Industry?How Important is Technology in Innovating the Industry?

26th September 2016

Data transfer is a vital step in the data management process. From data collection to processing into a data file or a frequency report, forming handshakes between these processes is where technology can really add value.

Grabbing Africa by the HornGrabbing Africa by the Horn

5th September 2016

In our transition to a full service market research agency, we are expanding our services domestically within the East African region. We have created a local field management and market research division in Nairobi, Kenya, providing clients with an experienced and localised understanding of the African market.

Top Questionnaire Faux Pas to AvoidTop Questionnaire Faux Pas to Avoid

8th August 2016

Experience has taught us that a significant amount of time and money is wasted due to poor communication and poor questionnaire design/structure. When working on international projects, the likeliness of the data processing teams delivering a substandard questionnaire design is much higher than we’d like.

Myth Busters: Does Using CAPI Guarantee Credible Data?Myth Busters: Does Using CAPI Guarantee Credible Data?

4th July 2016

The introduction of CAPI into the market research marketplace has definitely allowed many companies to talk more about their data quality. The problem we find, however, is how interchangeable the two terms have become.



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