Twitter for Business: Top 10 Tips

Twitter is a fantastic tool for promotion, branding and connecting with consumers. As a small/medium business, incorporating Twitter into your marketing strategy definitely has its advantages. I am a digital marketer and a complete Twitter addict, so arguably bias on the topic, however, the figures and success stories speak for themselves!



Twitter for Business: Top 10 Tips

Twitter for Business: Top 10 Tips

8th April 2016 in   Digital Marketing by Andy Madeley

Twitter is a fantastic tool for promotion, branding and connecting with consumers. As a small/medium business, incorporating Twitter into your marketing strategy definitely has its advantages. I am a digital marketer and a complete Twitter addict, so arguably bias on the topic, however, the figures and success stories speak for themselves!


(Source: - DB5 + Twitter, “Customer Insight Study” 2014)

So how can you utilise the bustling 140-character platform to enhance your business? Well, by the time you’ve finished reading this, we aim to have turned you into a complete Twitter guru!

Tip 1: Trends, trends, trends.

Tweeting about popular topics and using industry relevant hashtags is the best way to get the most out of your Twitter. By allowing your business to be seen among the top tweeted about topics, your profile will be seen by a lot more people. It also allows anyone to easily find your tweets simply by searching the tag or words you used, meaning your tweet gets a lot more reception than just your followers.

NB: Don’t overdo it! Stick to a maximum of 3 hashtags per tweet and only hashtag relevant words instead of whole phrases. Not only is it annoying, but nobody can read your tweet if it’s covered in hashtags. Also don’t forget to always check spelling before you send and stay away from abbreviations. I know 140 characters is limiting, but just don’t do it!

Tip 2: Get engaged.

For the record, I'm not suggesting you go out on the town and find yourself a new squeeze. By engagement I mean interacting with other users. This is the key to expanding your profile and growing your following. There’s no use having a Twitter account if it’s just going to be left idle. Talk to as many people as possible, interact with their tweets, retweet posts you like the look of, follow people who talk about your industry and might be interested in your brand. The trick is to follow at least 10-20 people a day.  If your own content is interesting enough, you’re more likely than not to get a follow back. Easy trick for quick growth.

Tip 3: Get visual

Always use images/gifs/videos where possible. Users are more likely to engage with a tweet if it has media attached rather than a plain 140 characters. As you can see here, the tweet with the photo attached received 2,951 more impressions than the plain tweet. Coincidence? I think not!

Tip 4: Tweet Regularly

The most followed celebrities including the likes of Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber have proven that staying relevant (though controversially) is the best way to grow your Twittersphere. Make sure you post every day. By tweeting relevant and useful content on a regular basis you’ll always be on the timeline, allowing followers to click through, like and retweet to their followers.

The average Twitter user posts around 22 times a day. However, among all the other things you have to do, realistically you probably don’t have the time to be constantly crawling the timeline. Making use of scheduling tools like Hootsuite can make your life a lot easier. This tool allows you to feed in as many posts as you like, then schedule them to be posted at your desired times. This way you can tweet when your followers are most active - especially useful if your target market is in another time zone.

Tip 5: Search yourself! It’s not narcissistic, I promise!

Many customers now post their product queries and complaints on Twitter. Taking your customer service all the way to Twitter is a good sign that you care about your consumers. Make sure you keep on top of what is being said about your brand by searching yourself often and replying, liking and retweeting what people have to say about you. Testimonials are the ambassadors of your brand after all!

As well as searching yourself, do frequent searches of search terms relating to your business and engage in conversation where appropriate.

This allows you to keep contact with users with similar interests/demand services you can offer. Curiosity usually then leads to a profile or website visit!

Tip 6: Set up a Twitter Ad campaign

Why not try promoting your tweets? This feature allows you to tailor your post to be seen by not only all your followers, but anyone deemed to express your business’ interests. You can also target other people’s followers as well, just by typing in their handle. It’s fairly inexpensive to promote your tweets with an engagement costing as little as £0.03!

 The best thing is that it rolls on a Pay Per Click (PPC) basis, meaning you only pay for your conversions and never more than what you’ve set as your budget.

Tip 7: What’s your bio?

Users will always look to your bio before following to ascertain who you are, what you do and where your business is based. By including these details in your bio, including your website and relevant hashtags, you’re more likely to be seen by those interested in your field. This can only be 160 characters though so keep it short

Tip 8: Stop overselling

One of my pet peeves on Twitter is when companies only ever tweet about how amazing their services are and why us mere mortals can’t possibly be living a fulfilled life without them. Okay – slightly exaggerated but you get the gist. There’s nothing wrong with tweeting about your strengths as a business, but mix it up. Your followers are already interested in what you have to say so you don’t need to bombard them with promotional messages. Let your personality shine! Why not tweet an interesting photo you found, something you found funny at work or what the company has been up to recently?

Tip 9: Automated Direct Messages (DMs): cardinal sin number 1

Have you ever followed someone and ten minutes later you’ve received a direct message from them which is automated and usually watermarked by some sort of an automation website? The consensus is that it’s annoying, it is spam and it’ll get you an instant unfollow. Even more embarrassing is when the automation site gets it wrong and sends through something like the photo here. To avoid annoying your followers and embarrassing hiccups like these, just don’t do it.

Do, however, DM your new followers to thank them for following you. Ensure you use their name and relate it back to their bio so they know the message has not been sent to them by a robot. Careful not to push your own agenda straight away.

Tip 10: Measure your efforts

As market researchers, we’re all about measuring insights. It’s what we do for a living! Putting all your efforts into social media without then measuring how well you’re doing is pretty pointless. Twitter has a built in analytics tool that’s quite sophisticated in allowing you to assess your efforts. You can see how well your page has done over the time period, which of your tweets are most popular, how many followers you’ve accumulated etc. You can then use this information on how to improve your social media strategy in future. For example, if a certain tweet collected more engagements than the rest, what could be the reason and could you do this for all tweets in future?




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