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The Swahili Clock: Every Brit's Most Irrational FearThe Swahili Clock: Every Brit's Most Irrational Fear

22nd April 2016

As a social media manager and Twitter addict, there’s seldom a moment where I’m not scrolling through my timeline retweeting and liking everything I see. I came across this tweet in particular a few days ago by @afroblush that made me chuckle and hence I felt inspired to write this post.

Twitter for Business: Top 10 TipsTwitter for Business: Top 10 Tips

8th April 2016

Twitter is a fantastic tool for promotion, branding and connecting with consumers. As a small/medium business, incorporating Twitter into your marketing strategy definitely has its advantages. I am a digital marketer and a complete Twitter addict, so arguably bias on the topic, however, the figures and success stories speak for themselves!


A Tableau Story: UK RegionsA Tableau Story: UK Regions

30th March 2016

Tableau has some powerful geolocation data visualization options available. If you live in the USA, or want to visualise country delimited data, Tableau has you covered. For the UK, however, this seems to be a different ball game.

The Importance of Data QualityThe Importance of Data Quality

16th March 2016

As computer packages become more sophisticated, so do the humans who use them to present data. The data buzzword now is not presentation, but visualization – one look at the hashtag #dataviz will show you how many people are demonstrating new and visual ways to show off their data, with many more specialist computer packages to help them.

Data Viz: Trendy and What Else?Data Viz: Trendy and What Else?

2nd March 2016

The fun part about working at SwissPeaks is that due to being recognised as creative and innovative in our data solutions, we do find our portfolio of capabilities is growing year on year. The hot topic we’re focusing on and grown to be experts in over time is data visualisation - or data viz for the trendier people.

Market Research and Sino-Kenyan RelationsMarket Research and Sino-Kenyan Relations

24th February 2016

As you may have read from the last post, I have just recently returned to the UK having spent four months in Shanghai, during which time I got a great sense for Chinese culture whilst also acquiring hands-on experience in the world of marketing.

Your Go-To Full Service Market Research CompanyYour Go-To Full Service Market Research Company

14th February 2016

Data is our thing – it always has been! We have worked with a number of research agencies, field agencies and end-clients alike in order to get “clients” to a point where their data is accurate, credible and usable. Our philosophy is “100% data confidence when you really need it” and we strongly believe all projects must have a confident data foundation.



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