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The SwissPeaks blog provides weekly updates on industry news and tips and tricks on how to maximise efficiency in market research.


5 Obstacles to Achieving Perfect Data Quality5 Obstacles to Achieving Perfect Data Quality

18th July 2016

If you’re after good quality data with minimal delay between fieldwork and results (at minimum cost) then you need to employ a coherent approach to managing the process as a whole. We have compiled a guide of 5 common mishaps you’ll want to avoid to ensure your project data is clean and accurate.


Myth Busters: Does Using CAPI Guarantee Credible Data?Myth Busters: Does Using CAPI Guarantee Credible Data?

4th July 2016

The introduction of CAPI into the market research marketplace has definitely allowed many companies to talk more about their data quality. The problem we find, however, is how interchangeable the two terms have become.

Innovation vs Data QualityInnovation vs Data Quality

15th June 2016

Innovation and research ability are two key components to delivering a successful project. Established market research companies of the calibre of GfK, Ipsos, TNS and Nielsen realize the value of investing in technology to improve the project’s field and data experience.  Such companies have invested heavily in software with powerhouse applications like Confirmit, Dimensions, Snap and Techneos. The right technology, however, is only one half of the recipe for success.

The Fool-Proof Guide: How to Use Google AnalyticsThe Fool-Proof Guide: How to Use Google Analytics

24th May 2016

When first starting out with your website – be it an online venture or a personal blog – it is easy to tell yourself “don’t worry about the numbers, focus on the content and the numbers will grow.” And you’re right, content is important. But what kind of market researchers would we be if we told you to ignore the numbers? Terrible ones, that’s what.

Part III: The Dream of SwissPeaksPart III: The Dream of SwissPeaks

17th May 2016

It seems apt that this final part of the SwissPeaks trilogy is being written in Lucerne, the place where it all started. I haven’t been here in over 9 months but now, sitting in the KKL World Café looking out across the lake at the buildings of the Old Town, I ponder over what the bigger picture for SwissPeaks is.

Part II: The Work of SwissPeaksPart II: The Work of SwissPeaks

10th May 2016

The work we do here has always had a data-centric core. I have directed countless presentations and training sessions on good practices in data management, and whether via formal events or simply through informal discussions, I always drive home the fact that the data management process starts when the questionnaire is being written.

Part I: The Birth of SwissPeaksPart I: The Birth of SwissPeaks

3rd May 2016

“So why SwissPeaks?” – the ultimate ice-breaker with prospective clients and a great conversation starter.  I have told this story a few times and each time I tell it, I feel a sense of nostalgia taking over, reminiscing the Swiss mountains where the idea was first conceived.

The Bar Pick-up: Not Your Typical Business MeetingThe Bar Pick-up: Not Your Typical Business Meeting

29th April 2016

Introducing Marco Wimmer. With an original background in Physics and self-proclaimed data-science nerd, Marco specialises in providing data visualisation and data processing services for a range of high flying pharmaceutical companies in Switzerland.



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