About SwissPeaks

"We have a strong reputation for providing high quality market research and monitoring and evaluation services that span collection, collation, analysis and reporting. Through strong communication we can deliver your brief quickly and efficiently, while keeping data quality an integral component throughout.”


Established and Multi-national

SwissPeaks are established market research and data management experts, delivering monitoring and evaluation services predominantly throughout sub-Saharan Africa. We have collaborated with field agencies in 100+ countries, working with various high-profile clients.

Independent and Experienced

Due to our independent status, we are primarily a first port of call where project size and complexity are key factors. Our experience and clear understanding of the market research process enables us to support our stakeholders who often operate in logistically challenging and complex environments.

SwissPeaks have developed a data management toolkit of intuitive and innovative software solutions that facilitate fast, forensic examination of data. We also offer bespoke data visualization dashboards to deliver business intelligence in a user-friendly and meaningful way.


Meet the Founder

Andy Madeley | Market Research and Data Management Expert

Andy has worked in the Market Research industry for over 20 years, gaining key research and data processing experience through holding positions at international full-research agencies in his early days. He has accrued much experience in online data collection platforms and applications such as SurveyToGo, Confirmit, Decrypt, Snap, SPSS and Merlin, as well as in in-depth analysis requirements. Andy has been responsible for continually developing new and innovative processes and practices to enhance the data collection, validation and analysis applications within the company. In his spare time, Andy takes part in networking, travelling and enjoying an occasional game of squash.